As Canada’s original online marketplace, Kijiji conjured up images of estate sales and vintage finds. And with no significant updates to its app in over a decade, the user experience of Kijiji’s app unfortunately added to the ‘vintage’ of the brand.

With the app’s recent experience lagging, we knew that amongst Lapsed Users, Kijiji would have to do something bold to get back onto their radar, prove that the brand has changed, and move users to reconsider it again.

So our strategy was to go where our Lapsed Users are to boldly own our past and prove our commitment to an improved future. In order to do that, we sold the original 2005 Kijiji source code on the other marketplace, where you’d normally go to for the pre-loved items in decent condition, and exclusively list our all new Kijiji app for free on our marketplace.
CCO: Max Geraldo
ECD: Derek Blais
CW: Rick Kang